A CFO for every Property Manager...

This is the mission. But, a CFO is only as good as his team. So, when you hire us, you have access to our entire team.

If you have an objective to reduce or replace your current accounting spend, we can do absolutely that. But our biggest value comes from the things we do above and beyond what you currently have.

Read about how our team can fit with yours…

Phil Mazur


Phil is the Founder of Property Manager CFO and serves as CFO to our clients. Every process that has been created to serve you was born out of 20 years of experience in accounting & finance roles from Fortune 500 companies and eventually to a Property Management company. His heart is to fill the vacant “Finance Seat” on the bus of PM companies. Phil leads the PM CFO team on a daily basis as they work behind the scenes to make sure your data is secure, accurate, and efficiently produced.

PM Company owners work directly with Phil as an advisor as he helps you understand your financial performance, clarify your vision, set better targets, and effectively manage your business. Phil adds a level of maturity and expertise to your business that simply cannot be found anywhere else.

Austin McMillan

Financial Analyst

Austin’s role is to analyze your financial statements. We learn about your business through the lens of your data. The numbers don’t lie! Financial analysis allows us to see trends, whether they are good or bad, and compare them to your company’s goals. We can also provide the perspective of what is working for other PM companies and what is really achievable. When you hire us, this becomes a normal function in your business, not just a project you do every once in a while.

Ashley Ford

Corporate Accounting Lead

Ashley handles all things Quickbooks so that your Corporate accounting needs are handled every day, rather than every once in a while. She is in the trenches looking at every bank transaction and making sure it is coded according to the NARPM accounting standards. She is an expert that handles Bill Pay, Payroll, and Bank Reconciliations. Her role provides the internal controls to support the Financial Analyst and CFO so that they know the data is accurate and that no funny business is going on.

Theo Masala

Property Management Accounting Lead

Theo manages the Appfolio accounting service by owning the processes and working with clients on issue resolution. His objective is to make sure your Owner Statements are sent out correctly and on time every month. He will work directly with your PM Team on a regular basis to address Owner and Tenant related accounting issues. Accounting is a huge part of a PM company’s operation, having this service backed by your CFO assures that it will always be best-in-class and provided at a cost point that your company can afford.

Dylan Thomas

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Dylan runs our social media and organizes our marketing campaigns. He is constantly checking in and interacting with our community. He works to create a digital presence and provide content to show off all the Property Manager CFO has to offer.

He is a recent graduate of Dean College receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Communications in December 2021. He has avid video production, audio editing, web design, email campaign, and social media experience. He is excited to work with our team and talk to you on social media if you ever have any questions.

A CFO for every Property Manager…

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