A CFO for every Property Manager...

Your path to profits begins with a minimum investment of $2,500 per month with us. Your commitment is to manage your company by the facts. You will understand your numbers. We commit to provide you with data and develop you as a leader who understands their money.

How does this look?

We take over complete production of your corporate accounting and deliver you clean, understandable financial reports and data that will guide you to what is working and not working in your business. We then coach you through those challenges in a group environment where you will learn from our team of experts and other companies working through your same challenges.

Your path to Prosperity begins with Planning. Your investment with us can be as little as $500 per month in our group program. One on One and Leadership team plans start at $3,000 per month. Your commitment is to show up. Literally just show up to the meetings every month and we will guide you to your dream goal. Our commitment is to make sure you follow the process and keep your daily actions aligned with your long term goals.

How does this look?

Group participants will have one full day virtual meeting every quarter where we will guide you through development and review of your long term plan. After your initial plan is set, each quarter you will review the prior quarter and set new quarterly goals. During the months in-between, you will have a group call to check-in on your progress. This allows you to be held accountable and talk through any issues you may have. Commitment to this program will grow you as a leader. There is no question about that. Show up and Grow.

One on One or Leadership participants will follow the same meeting structure, but in a private setting. Annual and quarterly goal setting will be standard. In addition, they will be coached on specific tools and develop a level of excellence in areas such as Culture, Vision, Purpose, Metrics, Employee Evaluations, Hiring Process, and much more. They will be coached with the intention of introducing massive results and change throughout their entire company.

The Prosperity Path begins in your soul. You do not need motivation. You are already there. You are called for something greater and you want it done yesterday. Your commitment is to be coachable and to do the work – every single day.

How does this look?

At a minimum, participants should be prepared to enroll in the Profit Path completely or they already have. The Planning Path will be accelerated with shorter planning periods and more frequent meetings with your CFO. It’s simple, move faster and get faster results. But you have to do more work.

As space is limited, participants must apply and agree to a code of conduct and time commitment. Pricing will be quoted as part of the application process. If you are focused on cost and not results, you probably should not apply. 😉

A CFO for every Property Manager…

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