Meet Phil & Property Manager CFO

I love numbers, but I always hated being called a bean counter! Over 20 years in the Accounting & Finance world, I've found that I have a passion for what I call "Operations Accounting". I worked 13 years in a Fortune 500 Company. I learned the power of having great systems. I also learned how to be 'right-hand man' to GM's, Division Managers, and CEO's. They didn't understand the numbers, so I needed to tell them the story. I grew to love the CEO/CFO relationship. I crunched the numbers and told the story to the CEO, so they could do their thing.

I got sick of the corporate red-tape and managing dozens of people. I had an entrepreneurial spirit but didn't know what to do with it. I worked for a "small" $70MM business as their CFO. I learned the good and bad of family owned businesses.

Eventually I landed at a Property Management company that was doing about $2 million in revenue and wanted to grow to $75 million. Actually, they didn't know what their number was... they needed someone to put numbers to their vision. BOOM!!! I love that!

I started at Evernest in 2015. My first day I was working out of a cubbyhole depositing checks and using a dial up modem to work in Quickbooks Desktop. I used my experience to help them build an accounting system that would help the company 3X and grow into 4 markets while I was there.

Now they are one of the biggest property management companies and one of the best.

How did they do it?

Well, I'd argue that the foundation was built with financial systems, data, and processes - coupled with sound business planning practices. It was hard. It took grit and patience. But it paid off.

Since 2018 I have worked with dozens of property management companies instilling the same systems, processes, and data. I love what I do. I love helping to write and tell the story of your company through your books. And I love helping you go on the journey to the destination that YOU choose.

Let's Go!

Turning Property Managers into real Business Owners