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"Working with Phil Mazur has been an absolute game-changer for our property management company. His expertise not only helped us swiftly resolve our bookkeeping challenges but also guided us in establishing robust financial processes that have significantly impacted our bottom line. Phil's dedication to educating us on key financial performance metrics has empowered us to make informed decisions and drive sustainable growth. We are immensely grateful for Phil's contributions and highly recommend his services to any organization seeking financial well being."

Stepan Renc, Longstreet Property Management


I've worked with Phil since 2019 and in that time I have grown over 50% in both revenue and profit. Phil's disciplined and approach to accounting and planning is refreshing. I can always count on him to help me consider what I'm not thinking about. He has helped me make several major decisions including an acquisition.

Justin Recca, Innovative Realty

"Our business was growing but it had become chaotic. It wasn’t as much fun anymore and burn out was happening. Phil came in and immediately helped us put structure into our company. He helped us get clear on what we really wanted and what decisions we needed to make. Not only did he help us get clear on our facts, but he helped us figure out what was most important and show us the we couldn’t do everything - and that we didn’t have to. I highly recommend Phil if you are looking to grow your business without killing yourself."

Jason Huval, Stone Oak Property Management


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"Hiring Phil and his team at PM CFO has been the best decision we have made as a company. From the first call we had with Phil almost 3 years ago, I knew I could trust him to not only get us out of a very bad situation we were in but keep us on a positive track moving into the future. Now that I am no longer responsible for the day to day bookkeeping and we have the proper processes in place I have been able to buy out a family member from a previous company and launch my current company and focus 100% on growing the business.If you are on the fence about hiring Phil and his team take my word for it and DO IT! You won't be disappointed."

Chris Matteucci, Atlas Property Management

100+ Doors

“We have been working with Phil at Property Manager CFO for several years now. After a quick onboarding, he launched a thorough evaluation of our business, questioning every aspect of our operational processes to fully understand our needs and strategize for improvements in efficiency. As an outsider with a broad base of experience, specifically relating to property management, he was able to offer valuable insight that we could not see ourselves. We now have institutional grade financials that tell us how we are doing and most importantly where we are headed. Phil and his team have put us on the path to actually achieving our goals.”

Dan Henry, Rent Proper

600+ Doors

“We have been working with Phil and PM CFO since late 2018. They have switched us to the NARPM Accounting standard, fixed and automated our corporate accounting, and directed us through needed financial changes to increase profits. With their help, we have also implemented EOSTM to improve all departments in our company. We could not have grown in volume and profit the way we have without their help.”

Richard Henry, Druid City Properties

From 400-600 Doors

“Phil worked with our team for two years implementing EOSTM and it changed everything. EOSTM is making my largest goals for the business a reality, and so much faster than I ever imagined. It is hard work, but so much easier than what we were doing before. Phil’s role as an implementer teaches you and your team how to make this happen. Trust the process, and Phil, and you won’t regret it!”

Jennifer Ruelens, Once Focus Property Management

600+ Doors

"Phil and his team can take your property management business to the next level. The systems and guidance Phil provides will improve almost every aspect of your business. We experienced an increase in revenue and operational efficiencies that ultimately positioned us for a sale that he guided us through. Hire Phil and do what he says."

Clint Collins, Avant Management Group

1000+ Doors

“I have been a customer of Property Manager CFO since 2019, and I am a big fan of a virtual CFO. Not only do they do your books, but you get non-biased feedback about your performance. Our company has made significant strides in efficiency and profitability under their guidance. The decision to implement their services has been one that I continue to be thankful for on a daily basis.”

Trent Ratliff, All 3 Realty

700 + Doors

"Working with Phil has been transformative for my property management business. I am finally getting clarity on our numbers and able to make informed decisions about how to move my company forward. Phil has a way of offering so much more than just accounting services by helping to understand what I want my business to do for ME."

Brandon Sowers. Redstone Property Management


In my first conversation with Phil he asked me what I wanted. I wanted to sell my business. Over the course of two years, Phil not only helped me position my company to sell but helped me find a buyer and guided me through that entire process. Thank you Phil!

Trisha Atehortua, Premier Property Management

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Our leadership team had been in the dark about our financials for over a year and Phil was able to get us clear in less than a month. The way he communicated our situation to our team gave us the clarity and peace of mind we needed to make some important decision that we were stuck on.

Hans Prosch

CEO, Z-Ultimate Martial Arts

Phil is obviously a brilliant financial mind but he also gets the concept that you (as a person) are your #1 Asset. He takes the time to invest and pour into the development of people so that they can produce better results for themselves and their families.

Michael G Isom

Founder, Vault AIS

Author, “What Would the Rockefellers Do”

Author, “What We’re Worth”

Phil is a man that is deeply connected to his purpose. As a leader, he is going to push you to get connected to your own purpose because you are meant for something greater inside of your Body, Being, Balance, and Business.

Chad Brown

Founder & CEO, Dominion Steel

Founder, The Dominion Warrior

When I reached out to Phil a few years ago as I was searching for a fractional CFO, he told me that it wouldn’t be a good fit based on the focused niche he had at the time. I appreciated his willingness to say “No” and help me get clarity on what the best solution was for my business. Years later, he was the catalyst in helping me launch my Ex3 brand.

Forrest Walden

Found & CEO, Iron Tribe Fitness

Founder, Ex3

Phil asks the right questions and takes his time in assessing your needs. If you want a quick fix, he’s not your guy. He is thorough and thoughtful in his approach and ultimately this is what you really want someone to do for you when they have your best interest at heart.

Greg Swafford

Founder & CEO, Flowjot

Phil was able to guide and direct our business to take it to the next level. He is a great listener and is able to cut through the noise to help us get clear on what we want. He doesn’t tell you what to do all the time, he helps you get there on your own and that is very impactful because he not only helps you solve problems, he helps you grow as a problem solver and leader.

Peter McKenzie

Founder & CEO, Rincon Property Management

Phil helped our different departments get on the same page and in alignment with our data. This changed our culture to be more company focused than department focused. Turns out that we were wasting time with data and conversations that just weren’t the most important things we needed to be dealing with.

Casey Fabling

Founder & CEO, Fabling Built

Phil does things differently than traditional CFO’s. He is willing to go where other CFO’s won't in terms of conversations with business leaders. This is so needed!

Alan Wiederhold

EVP, Evolution Healthcare

Author, “Cheated: How Healthcare Stole the American Dream…”

Turning Property Managers into real Business Owners

PROBLEM: CEO's and CFO's Speak Two Different Languages

CEO's say things like....

(Don't be this CEO)


Are you willing to accept the real, raw, potential painful FACTS of where (and why) you are right now?



Imagine a world where….


Are you actually putting your FOCUS into the things that will move you toward the future you want?

This is what it can be like….so why would you settle for …..

It’s 8am Tuesday morning and your boss, the business Owner, will be here any minute for your weekly update meeting.

You’re feeling good. Not stressed. Your team has updated your dashboards for you just like they do every week. The numbers are always accurate and they are the most relevant numbers - just 5 KPI’s. You worked hard over your first 6 months on the job understanding the business to put together a report that was concise and purposeful.

You meet the CEO in the conference room and go over the report with him. The 15 minute meeting is more conversation about the addition you are putting on your house and how your 1 year old is doing than the actual numbers. You casually mention that there is one number that looks concerning that you will be monitoring, but the CEO isn’t worried about it. As he leaves, he pats you twice on the shoulder and says “don’t worry, I’m sure you got this, thanks for the update, maybe I’ll pop in on your Ops meeting this afternoon, or maybe I won’t! - You’re the man!”

As you leave the meeting you think back on just two years ago when you were stuck in job where you felt shackled. You couldn’t be yourself. The likelihood of a small raise, let alone a bonus was minimal. The CEO would yell at you when you the numbers were bad, as if it was your fault. You had no staff to support you and were spending more time doing bank reconciliation and cutting checks than you were analyzing the business and leading people - the two things you really love doing.

Now, not only do you have job security, you love your job, your boss, and your co-workers. Your wife has been able to quit her job to take care of your two children because of how much money you’ve made. Your desire to create a legacy for your family is well on it’s way. Life is good.

CFO’s - Does this sound crazy? It starts with a decision

There are things you can control and things you can’t control. You can start to change the things you can control NOW. What are you waiting for….A better life awaits you….

CEO’s… Go from “In the WHOA” to “In the KNOW”. Stop being surprised with your numbers and get a true pulse on your business.

CFO’s… Be the #2 Guy, not the #1 Lie. The lie is that you are a savior for the CEO. You’re not. You are a trusted PARTNER.



Please take a quick second and do a self-audit:

  • Am I happy with where I am in my career.

  • Am I happy with the state of my business.

  • Am I happy with the amount of quality time I spend with my children?

  • Am I happy with the level of intimacy I share with my spouse?

  • Am I happy with the state of my health & fitness

  • Am I happy with the feeling of purpose in my life?

You may be wondering why I would be asking these questions. If you answered “NO” to any of these, it is likely a symptom of issues going on with your business or job. And these are things YOU CAN TAKE CONTROL OF NOW, regardless of the situation at work. LEARN HOW!

CFO's should be saying this...

CEO and CFO's understand each other... hmmm?


Are you actually putting your FOCUS into the things that will move you toward the future you want?

This is where we go EXPONENTIAL.

You don't realize what you are capable of until you are properly challenged. This is what happened to me.



This doesn't mean I'm going to tell you to do stuff that you have no business doing.



This means I'm going to help you get clear on what you REALLY want.



Not what your mastermind group says you should do. Not what your industry says you should do. Not what your boss says what you should do.



Not even what your spouse says you should do!


Yep - see there is a version of YOU that simply needs the FRUIT of certainty in who you are and what you want.



We're not going to battle between Marriage & Money. We are going to UNIFY them and the other domains as well.



All of this will unlock a POWER in YOU that will be able to EXCEED your current expectations of yourself for the first time in your life!

This is the story of why this mission is so personal for me....

HOW the CEO Failed Me as CFO...

I worked my way up the corporate ladder. Six figure salary. Fat 401(k). But I wanted more. The corporate red tape pissed me off. I wanted to make an impact. So I took off the golden handcuffs and went to work for a “small” company ($75MM Revenue). It was good pay and a fancy “CFO” title. But I was taking a risk. I was no longer hiding in the corporate world where I could just say the right things and keep moving up.

My new company loved my Fortune 500 experience. I was excited to go somewhere that I could actually make decisions that made an impact. It didn’t work out so well.


As “CFO”, my duties also included making sure the children of the family (who didn’t work for the company) got all the payouts they needed, analyzing the most cost effective uses of the “corporate” jet, and handling other “personal” matters that nobody else could know about.


In addition to the Accounting and Finance functions, I also was responsible for IT, Legal, HR, and Safety…which included (2) actual employees. I had a consultant tell me that based on the company size and my responsibilities, I should have a staff of between 10-15. I had five total.


The CEO was my age and we got along fine but he wasn’t calling the shots at the end of the day. The old man was still really in charge and he would call me randomly anytime he needed me for a project - disregarding what I was hired for in the first place or what I may have been working on at any given point in time.


When the family received a $50MM cash injection, I was fired. I knew something was up when bankers from Chicago and New York were flying in. The company went through three more CFO’s in the few years after I left, ultimately realizing that the Controller that worked for me was all they really needed.

HOW I Failed the CEO as CFO...

I could whine and complain about getting fired but a pity party doesn’t do me any good. And it doesn’t do you CFO’s any good to sit around and sulk if you are in a bad work situation or feeling undervalued or misutilized.

I lacked confidence and certainty. I was totally against some of the work they had me doing, but I did it anyway. It’s easy to be bullied by the man that pays you. I was a pussy. He may not have liked if I said what I wanted to say - but he would have respected me.

I was not given anywhere close to the resources I needed to do the job to MY standard. I should have stepped up and showed them what my standards were.

Bottom line, I was a people pleaser. I was a “Yes Man”. What’s crazy is I thought they knew what they wanted from me. They didn’t have a clue. When they finally realized some of what they wanted, I was exposed as not being that guy - and I hadn’t been my true self up to that point - so there was no place for me on the team.

I should have known who I was and been true to that man. That is integrity. And people of integrity recognize and appreciate that and I would have been welcomed by the right people.

Be the real you. Now.

You need to do it for yourself.

And there are people out there who need you to be that for them.


In 2021 things were going so well in my business that my wife was able to quit her job. She took the summer off to decide what she wanted to do. She wanted to reignite her passion of competitive horse riding, something she gave up years before I met her. So we bought a young, cheap horse, and off we went. She had gotten her dream back.


"Imagine what your dream life would look like if you could buy the $10,000 horse?" My coach asked me this after we got that first horse.


It wasn't about the horse, it was about thinking bigger...what would it look like? What would it take to get there? What would it do for my marriage, my family, my purpose in life?


Today we have a million dollar farm with 10 acres and five horses. My wife is pursuing Olympic dreams and my kids ride and spend more time learning hard work on a farm rather than how to use Youtube. We have hosted hundreds of people on our property who get to experience the joy of horses and the legacy we are creating for our family and others...

So what do you really want? For yourself? Your family? The world around you?


It's not all about the money. In fact the money is secondary.


This process has helped me uncover the truth about why I am on this earth, what makes me unique, and how I can use those attributes to change the world.


Yes, I mean CHANGE THE WORLD, for the better.


This pursuit has taken me on a journey that got me everything that I wanted and then opened up a new possibility that I would have never been able to think of on my own had I not attended my first HAVE IT ALL protocol event.


For me, my purpose involves money. But it's about GIVING money away.

I already reached an Impossible Goal of giving away $100,000...and through this process I have my sites set on $100 Million!

(I'll tell you more about it this new possibility and how you can be a part of it at the event!)

What happened to me doesn't need to happen to you.



CEO's can get what they want and need.



CFO's can get what they want and need.



You can do this together. You can go a long way together. For a long time.

And one final thing...

Until we "wise up" and take this page down, I’ll sweeten the deal by throwing in a bonus that is so friggin’ cool I can’t even tell you about it here… but I’ll tell you this much:
  • In 2020, a room of people wired $10,000 to sit for six hours with me
  • ​I offered refunds if any of them were unhappy - nobody asked for one
  • ​We covered the following, via in-depth training & keynote slides
How do I set up my businesses so there is no liability incurred in the event of legal trouble? Many people do this wrong and they are incurring massive exposure and risk because of it.
As an owner, I should own everything, right? Wrong, you probably should actually not… a billionaire secret: own nothing, control everything — I show you how in this training.
Which kinds of assets should be acquired first based on personal risk tolerance? Impossible for me to say for you, but I show you how I set up my portfolio (and why) in case you’re interested in modeling.

P.S. - In case you're one of those people who skips to the bottom as soon as you open a page (ugh)...

P.S. - In case you're one of those people who skips to the bottom as soon as you open a page (ugh)...

Here's what you're getting when you sign up for the Have It All Protocol:

  • 2-day Guided Workshop with expert Coaching and Guidance from Phil Mazur.

  • Your Personal Roadmap to HAVE IT ALL in 2024 Your personal plan for what matters most to you inside of Body, Being, Balance, and Business.

  • Clear Missions for 4Q-2023 Specific and measurable targets that will ensure you are on track for your "HAVE IT ALL in 2024" targets.

  • Lifetime Access to the Have It All Frameworks: The planning protocols that you will learn during this event are yours to keep and leverage for the rest of your abundant life.

  • Exclusive Sneak Peak at the Software Experience the software that is used to Gamify Your Entire Life so that you can plan, measure, and tactically attack your targets every day.

  • “Live” Recording Of All Event Sessions where you can see me answer questions & audience feedback, so every small nuance is addressed & covered for you if you miss anything or want to re-experience it.

All for Just